Although summer doesn’t officially end until later this month, it’s starting to feel as though it’s almost over – kids are back to school, summer vacations are over and evenings aren’t as warm as they were just a few weeks ago.

That means it’s time to start planning for your fall landscape needs.

To keep your trees healthy, we’re offering deep root fertilization and kelp injections. Fall is the perfect time for this as it allows tree roots to absorb nutrients that the tree needs to put out new growth in spring.

Not sure whether or not your trees need these treatments? Keep reading for details.

If you’ve had deep root fertilization within the last two years, look for your recommendations in the mailed.

We also share some tips for buying plants in the summer sales that usually happen at garden centers this time of year. Should you buy or not? Keep reading to find out.



If you take a close look at your trees do you see dead branches? Are the branches hanging too low, hitting your roof, or crowding your walkway? Does it look like any of your trees are splitting apart?

Late fall and winter in New Jersey bring sudden snow storms and high winds that can cause serious damage to trees that aren’t structurally sound.

If you notice any part of your trees that looks dead, damaged or diseased, or if it seems overgrown or out of place, it’s best to address those problems now. A good pruning to fix structural issues or cabling to hold the tree together can make all the difference. After all, no one wants their tree to fall apart during one of our winter storms!


Deep Root Fertilization & Kelp Injections

Curious about what deep root fertilization means, why we use kelp and what an injection involves?
Here are the details of Soil Injections and Deep Root Fertilization …

Soil Injections

– To “inject” fertilizer and other amendments into the soil, we use a special tool that pokes a small hole about 8-12″ into the ground. The solution is then pumped into the ground under pressure. This process also helps to aerate compacted soil and allow greater uptake of water and oxygen by the root hairs.

Deep Root Fertilization

– This is a process in which a special liquid fertilizer is injected into the ground around the tree. Unlike simply spreading fertilizer on the ground, deep root fertilization puts the fertilizer solution right into the root zone so it can be more easily absorbed and put to use.

Kelp Injections – This is a similar process but instead of fertilizer, we use a liquid biostimulant made from kelp. This treatment promotes root growth, helps trees recover from the summer heat and lack of water, and prepares them for the colder temperatures ahead.

Depending on the needs of your trees, we can use either deep root fertilization, kelp injections, or both.

Call us today at 800-327-0034 for a free consultation and to see how soil injections can help your trees. Tree-Tech has NJ licensed Operators and Applicators perform the services.