Our complete organic lawn care service NJ program will give you the spectacular results you only dream about. Your property is your most valuable asset, but improving it can often require more skills, time and energy than you are able to invest. That’s one reason why so many people turn to LAWN-TECH, the area’s premier turf management company. LAWN-TECH can recommend a program that will give you a beautiful, healthy lawn all season long.

Organic Lawn Care services NJ at LAWN-TECH

Our experts meticulously care for your lawn by providing premier LAWN-TECH services including:

  • Fertilization/Weed Control.
  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control.
  • Broadleaf Weed Control.
  • Granular Fertilization.
  • Palletized Limestone.

Other Organic Lawn Care Services:

  • Insect and Grub Control Slit Seeding.
  • Core Aeration/Seeding.
  • Fungus Control.

Get the Best and The Most Professional Organic Lawn Care Service by Certified Arborists of TREE-TECH NJ at a Reasonable Cost.