Grubs gone wild..

TREE-TECH provides off-the-shelf programs for Japanese Beetles Control NJ. July 4th, Independence day, fireworks, barbecues and fun! It’s also about the time when you will start seeing Japanese Beetles. The last two years I have noticed the first Japanese Beetles around June 27th, but they don’t really start to cause problems until mid July to August. The Japanese Beetle traps should not be used for control; just monitoring.

Japanese Beetles Control NJ – Tips and tricks

Some species are more susceptible to this pest; Linden, Sassafras, Purple Leaf Plum, some Birch species, Cherry trees and Roses. There are other prone plants, but these are the primary hosts. If you see adult beetles, apply sprays properly and you will get sufficient control of this Mid-summer leaf chewing insect.

Speaking of Grubs…

Did you know that Japanese Beetles evolve from lawn grubs? Lawn grubs can do significant damage to the root systems of your lawn and then continue on their destructive life cycle as leaf chewing beetles. Applying a grub control to your lawn will reduce the cycle on your property. Trees should still be sprayed for further reduction and to eliminate those who fly in from neighboring properties.

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