TREE-TECH Experts have the experience, expertise and sophisticated equipment necessary to evaluate and safely care for your trees and shrubs. We have ultimate goal to provide wide variety of Tree Service – Best NJ tree service.

While some tree problems are readily apparent, a great many are not. For example, trees require a substantial root system to thrive yet only a tiny portion of the root system is visible above the soil surface.

NJ Tree Service at TREE-TECH

For 25 years, TREE-TECH has offered unparalleled expertise and experience. We are large enough to meet all of your tree care needs, yet small enough to give you the personalized service that has made our familiar Red trucks instantly recognizable across the region.

In fact, we are confident in our services that we invite you to inspect our work. The next time you see one of our Red trucks at a neighbour’s home, take a close look at their healthy trees and shrubs. We know you will be convinced!

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