Winter is coming. Are you sure that your trees will make it through the winds, snow, ice, and cold in one piece

Winter weather, especially winter storms, can be tough on trees. The wind and snow load can break branches and even bring down whole trees. Freezing temperatures can cause trunks to crack and split apart. And an early snowfall can be especially damaging if leaves are still on the trees.

Don’t risk having a tree fall on you, your house, or your property – not to mention your neighbor’s house or property!

Now is the time to carefully inspect your trees for defects or damage that could be made worse by winter weather. If you think that any of your trees are potentially hazardous, or if you’d like us to examine your trees, please give us a call at 800 327 0034.

The best time to assess your trees and address any hazardous conditions is right now – before winter wreaks havoc on your trees.