Nothing enhances your property like the colorful blossoms of flowers & foliage from trees and ornamental shrubs. Surrounding your home or business with healthy, vigorous trees and plants adds value and beauty to your property. Keeping your trees and plants in top condition require more than just fertilizer and the occasional rain shower. TREE-TECH’s Plant health care NJ program is the optimum insect and disease prevention management system. This program is specifically designed to target only those plantings that need protection from specific insects and disease, and treat them when necessary. Unlike some services we don’t rely on “blanket sprays”. PHC(Plant health Care) for trees supplies adequate amounts of protection – promoting growth and vigor to keep your trees and ornamental shrubs healthy.

TREE-TECH technicians are trained to ensure the safety of your children, pets and the environment

The TREE-TECH’s plant health care program offers significant benefits including:

  • Deliver of macro and micro –nutrients m that replenish seasonal fertility requirements.
  • An on-demand source of insect and disease control that promotes plant strength and vigor.
  • Soluble mineral elements readily available for plants to use to satisfy their growth and metabolic requirements
  • Lower Costs and a much healthier environment through reduced chemical applications.

As part of a complete plant health care program. TREE-TECH provides full array of services, including:

  • Macro infusions.
  • Ph Testing.
  • Inoculations.
  • Soil testing.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Systematic fungicides.
  • Low impact applications.
  • Scientific advancements and treatments.
  • Pre and post construction tree protection systems.

How will my Trees and Shrubs benefits from PHC?

Because Ornamental trees and shrubs can quickly succumb to problems, routine monitoring and timely treatments can protect your landscape investment and reduce expenses. A monitoring visit to your landscape might reveal:

  • A hidden infestation of tent caterpillars that may soon defoliate the ornamental crab-apples in your front yard
  • A weekly attached branch that may fail and damage the house
  • Improperly pruned shrubs that are not flowering as abundantly as they should

Your Plant Health Care Specialist can recommend treatments and changes in maintenance practices that can eliminate these problems while maximizing the safety and aesthetic quality of your landscape.

Get the Best and the most Professional Plant Health Care Service NJ by the Tree Experts of TREE-TECH at a reasonable cost!