Tree Treatment NJ at TREE-TECH

After a long winter- blooming trees, flowers and emerging lawns are welcome sights of spring. But what may not be so obvious are the millions of insects that also arrive each year. Tree Treatment NJ at TREE-TECH can control insect and disease and can prevent outbreak damage with a treatment program especially designed for your property.

In normal numbers, insects are part of your property’s natural ecosystem. Unfortunately, significant insects outbreaks do occur and can throw that ecosystem out of balance. During an outbreak insects and disease can destroy trees and plants by devouring buds, bark and foliage. While serve outbreaks can result in wide-spread destruction even milder outbreaks can weaken trees and shrubs already stressed by harsh winters and gusting winds and drought. Significant insect outbreaks generally occur during the spring and summer months. Unless preventative action is taken early in the season, its often more difficult to counteract the damage that outbreaks can cause.

This customized program is not only highly effective, but its also safe for your children and pets.

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