Happy Spring! Is this the first “real spring” New Jersey has had in a long time? Not really; with a few March temperatures reaching in the mid 70’s our “May flowers” are almost expired before trees have leafed out. A mild winter and current erratic temperatures could wreak havoc on trees, shrubs and lawns. Certain insects that would have died off in a deep freeze didn’t. And trees and shrubs that need the deep cold to hibernate and harden off, may not have. So you must be known to Spring Tree and lawn Care Tips by TREE-TECH arborists.

Spring Tree and lawn Care Tips

Tree Spray

Hemlock trees and Evergreens off to a rough start

Hemlocks and other evergreens which have been battling Wooly Adelgid and other insects are at the disadvantage of not having a deep winter freeze. To combat the problem, a Horticultural Oil should be applied to smoother the egg masses. Horticultural Oil is safe for the environment with having super-beneficial powers to control destructive pests. Connect to our facebook page for photos and more information Like us on Facebook

Tick Population

Tick populations, which have been trending steadily upward in our area, are also projected to climb as a result of mild temperatures. Tick Applications can be applied monthly, or you can select the months you , your family or pets spend the most time outdoors.

It’s not too late…

If you have not signed up for your Annual Tree Spray Program, (proposals were mailed in January) please call our office to receive another copy, add sprays, or discuss the needs of your property with an arborist. If you have never sprayed, or if it’s been a while, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns!
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