The Fall months are the ideal time to fertilize the trees and shrubs on your property.

  • Promotes rapid growth of newly planted trees for quicker health and beauty.
  • Invigorates weak, declining trees.
  • On-time performance with cutting-edge services at a very reasonable cost.
  • Provides greater structural strength to prevent storm damage..
  • Builds tolerance to injury from insects and diseases.
  • Increases flower and fruit production in some tree species.
  • is very affordable.

Tree feeding and Deep Root Fertilizing is a wise investment

because it:

The Deep Root Fertilization process injects fertilizer and micro nutrients into the root zone of the tree for easy absorption and aeration of the soil. This process can be done until mid-December.

Fall is also the best time to Fertilizer your lawn. Lawn-Tech, Inc. can apply this very important application, even if you don’t maintain a seasonal contract with us. This application will strengthen the roots and is vital for the lawn to pop-up green and lush in the spring!

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